Muenster AG Lg Brd 30lb

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Our Ancient Grains Large Breed is all the greatness of our Ancient Grains with Chicken in a larger kibble. We also believe that Large Breed dogs deserve the same high protein and fat levels as the smaller breeds. So, we’ve packed our Large Breed recipe full of protein and fat. Complete vitamins, Zinpro Availapet Minerals, local grains, and high protein/fat levels, your dog is going to be as healthy as ever. Remember, what you feed your dog today, can determine their health tomorrow. Muenster Ancient Grains for Large Breed is made with ancient grains that are rich in nutrients, good for bodies, and offer many health benefits. We use non-Chinese ingredients, sourcing everything as locally as possible. In fact, all of our grains grow in Texas, and all of our food is made down the road in Muenster. This all life stages recipe is free of corn, wheat, and soy, contains low carbohydrates and include Zinpro Availapet Minerals to keep your dog at their best.