1⁄3 cup  — warm water (100 110 F)

1⁄4 tsp — sugar

1 tsp — yeast

 2 cups — all purpose flour

1⁄2 tsp —  salt

1 tsp — ground turmeric

1 tsp — ground cumin

1⁄2 tsp —  ground black pepper

16 oz — can chickpeas (garbanzo beans)

1 tbsp —  canola oil

1 — onion, thinly sliced

3 — garlic cloves, minced

4 1⁄2 — teaspoons curry powder

salt & freshly ground black pepper

canola oil (for frying)

hot pepper sauce, for serving

finely shredded cucumber



1 Place the warm water, sugar, and yeast in a separate small bowl. Set aside until the mixture bubbles.

2 In a large bowl combine the flour, salt, turmeric, cumin, and black pepper. Stir the yeast mixture into the flour mixture and add additional lukewarm water as needed about 1/2 cup until the mixture comes together into slightly firm dough. Knead until smooth and elastic and cover with a damp cloth. Set aside in a warm place to rise until doubled in size, about an hour.

3 To make the filling.

4 If using dried chickpeas, drain, place in a pot with 6 cups of fresh water. Simmer for about 1 hour, or until tender. Drain and set aside.

5 If using canned chickpeas, drain in a colander and rinse well with cold water. Set aside.

6 Heat the oil in a heavy skillet and add the onion. Cook until translucent. Add the garlic and stir well, frying for 1 minute more. Add the curry powder and mix well. Cook for 30 seconds and add 1/4 cup of water. Stir in the chickpeas, cover and simmer for 5 minutes. Remove the lid and add 1 more cup of water. Stir in the cumin, and salt and pepper, and lower the heat. Simmer until the chickpeas are very tender. Set aside.

7 To complete the doubles: Punch down the dough and allow it to sit for 10 minutes. Pinch off walnut-size pieces of dough and flatten each into a circle about 4 ½ inches in diameter. Dampen your hands with water if the dough is sticky.

8 Heat about 1 cup of canola oil, at least 3 inches deep in a frying pan or medium saucepan. Test the oil by sprinkling a bit of flour into it. If the flour bubbles and sizzles the oil is ready. Add the dough circles and fry, turning once, until lightly browned on both sides, about 40 seconds. Place 2 tablespoons of chickpeas on each piece of fried dough. Add the pepper sauce, Kuchela, and cucumber, if desired. Top with another piece of fried dough. Serve.


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